Delicacies for the everyday life are the essence of LIE GOURMET. The Danish brand serves sensory food experiences on beautifully designed jars and bottles and was founded in 2014. The products meet our quest for quality and authenticity in the meal and togetherness around the table.

Many years ago, founder Caroline Lie Korsgaard lost her heart to France. To the good ingredients, to the gastronomy of everyday life, to la vie française. Today, her passion and sense of taste and aesthetics are at the heart of the Danish brand LIE GOURMET, where the inspiration for the exquisite delicacies comes largely from the French cuisine as it unfolds in the home. The range also includes sustainable kitchen textiles produced in Sweden.
LIE GOURMET makes it easy to spoil your senses all day of the week. Every single product is filled with love and taste. On the other hand, they are devoid of fine sensations, additives and with minimal preservation, as well as more and more delicacies are without gluten and lactose to meet the high demand for just that type of products. LIE GOURMET continuously strives to stay ahead of the trends in food, and the combination of exquisite quality, original recipes with a twist and a beautiful and stylish exterior has proven to appeal to many.
Since its founding in 2014, the Danish gourmet brand has expanded all over Scandinavia and several European countries, and more markets are in sight. Today, the range is tempting with more than 120 different items available in specialty, lifestyle and food shops, and LIE GOURMET is dedicated to treating customers with more new delights and moments of everyday happiness.
Caroline Lie Korsgaard
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