Serves 2

2 burger buns
½ baby romaine lettuce
Tomato slices
Pickled red onions
2 slices of chedda cheese
Chili mayonnaise
300 g beef mince 10%
Salt and pepper
¼ tsp. spice blend for red meat
1 tsp. mustard

  1. Mix the beef mince with mustard and spices. Divide into 2 portions and shape into burgers. Heat a frying pan with oil and fry the burgers. Add a slice of cheddar just before they are done.
  2. Heat the buns and spread chili mayonnaise and ketchup on them. (Optional: try also adding mustard)
  3. Build the burger and enjoy. Try serving the burger with homemade french fries
  4. Bon appétit!

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